Keep in touch with all your credit union members through Email Marketing


With about 250 email templates that can be easily customized, Email marketing has never been this easy. E-mail marketing enables one to speedily create emails that have a professional look without necessarily having technical expertise. One is able to create promotions and high impact email newsletters in no time with the help of point-and click interface and the step-by step Email wizard. We will help your credit union to measure results and easily manage the contact email lists.

We will help you design and send emails that are not only informative but also eye-catching. We shall also assist you to post your latest Facebook event and send tweets regarding any new loan promotions. We will ensure that you reach out to as many current and new members regardless of where they are situated or the device that they are using.

Email marketing helps in:

Tracking results-This helps in generating reports that inform you the number of emails you have sent, those that were opened and the number of members who responded to certain promotions and offers.

Getting social- This helps in increasing results by making automatic email announcements on social media networks from just a single screen. All your social media profiles are also updated at once.

Building member survey- This helps in writing, sending and tabulating satisfaction surveys for members using unique customer design features as well as a link generator.

Reports in real time- One is able to view mails that were not delivered, unsubscribe requests, those that were opened and also see your website’s click through rates.


  • Management of E-mail listings
  • Tailor made HTML email templates
  • Available custom templates
  • Ability to spontaneous results measurements

Member Communications

Our communication products for our members help you to respond and keep in touch to needs of members in real time.