How to Reach a Wide Audience Through Our Social Media Marketing

Numbers in terms of Social Media

  • There are more than 15 million companies, organizations and businesses that make use of social media (VentureBeat)
  • It has been established that 52 % of all marketers got a customer through Facebook, 36 % of them found a customer in Twitter while 43 % of them found one through LinkedIn (Hubspot)
  • More than 1/3 of all U.S consumers interact with brands by means of social media (LOYALTY360)
  • The lead rates of conversion for social media are 13% higher compared to the average rate of lead conversion (Hubspot)

Our Social Media Services

We shall endeavor to fully understand your marketing and business goals and also recommend an exceptional social media strategy to support these objectives. We shall help your company by:

  • Carrying out a competitive analysis
  • Making recommendations for a responsive presence in social media
  • Designing tailor made imagery for your pages in social media in order to support your brand image consistently
  • For enhanced SEO, we shall optimize your platforms of social media
  • Offering continuous management in social media including monitoring and posting regularly
  • Developing unique concepts in social media in order to expand the reach of your audience

Never underestimate the power of social media, whether for brands or individuals. Social media marketing can be used by brands in connecting with other members in an environment that is less formal or in attracting new members through viral content creation.

All sites of social media are not created in the same way and there are varied reasons for using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other platforms. For each and every site in social media, we shall help you in setting goals and establishing a clear sense of your brand and demographics voice for every social media site. We shall assist you in transforming your existing members to brand advocates on social media, spreading out the word and sharing your content with regard to your credit union to various social networks.

Would you like your business to possess social media network confidence votes?

Social Media Marketing is constantly adapting and progressing to become a very powerful internet marketing resource for brands and most companies. Such platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are capable of increasing interest and exposure dynamically for your company. Some of the search engines like Bing and Google are capable of integrating profiles, Tweets, updates and comments in their page results hence placing emphasis to the importance of social interaction. Even as the online community changes and continues to grow, tactics and marketing campaigns have to remain a notch higher.

Through our extensive Social Media Marketing experience, we will creatively make designs and effectively implement social media marketing for your credit unions across Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and the US at large. Some of the services offered by our Social Media Marketing include:

  • Ascertaining and assessing of the targeted audience
  • Creating and implementing efficient marketing strategies
  • Constant scheduling of updates, news and articles as they occur
  • Monitoring social media continuously including responses and recognition
  • Tracking, sustaining research and adapting to online resources and trends
  • Promoting support and awareness within forums and blogging communities
  • Targeting particular keywords, topics and phrases that relate to your brand
  • Use of analytics and tools for data tracking and improvement of strategy

Our company maintains full transparency in a manner that members are able to monitor how our efforts increase their revenue from the internet. Included in our in-depth measures of reporting are:

  • Campaign reports of social media that offer a full overview of the performance of your social media
  • The dedicated account manager available on phone or email that will give response to any discussion or questions that you may have. We also offer consultation through social media to partners and their team in order to assist them in optimizing their social campaigns.
  • The Social media tasks that we have performed and hours spent, broken down on monthly basis and also the number of hours we have spent in monitoring your Return on Investment (ROI)