Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Once you refinance at low rates of interest, one is supposed to pay costs of refinancing that include fees, closing costs and fees. The following calculator will guide you if the interest amount saved will surpass the costs of refinancing. The results calculated are depended on the period of time that the property is kept.

Home Financing

The calculator below all payments (interest and principal) for a fixed loan rate

This calculator makes a computation of the expected interest and payments for an adjustable loan rate, where the rate rises by the allowed maximum amount at every interval till it attains the rate limit.

The balloon term mortgage is normally short (like 5 years), however the amount of payment is usually amortized over a long period of time (like 30 years). These loans are advantageous because of the low rate of interest even though the final payment of the balloon is quite significant.

This type of calculator makes a comparison between the renting cost and the cost of purchasing a home.

This calculator helps one in making comparison of the entire cost of two or three mortgages. The analysis entails the effect of interest tax deduction. In case the interest is non-deductible, a zero income rate of tax should be used.

Establish the interest you can save by making additional mortgage payments. The extra amount will decrease the principal on the mortgage and also the total interest amount that you will have to pay and payment numbers.

This calculator is able to tell you the most expensive house you may purchase depending on the highest payment that you can afford although it does not show if you can qualify for this loan.

This calculator tells the benefits and weaknesses of consolidating different types of loans and also the debt of the credit card.

Investment Calculators

Computing an annualized return is a way that is commonly used in tracking investments. This task gets hard when fees, taxes, trading activity and dividends complicate it. This calculator eases yields calculation as it is able to compute the before and after tax yield for investments with trading activities close to 9. What you need to do is enter the start and completion date of the time required for analysis then entering the value of total portfolio on these dates. After this, enter the transactions; sells, buys, fees, dividends and taxes that occurred between the start and completion dates.

In order to have an accumulation of a million dollars, this calculator will guide you on how much you need to save every month.

The calculator will calculate the rate of return on the prevailing investment

This calculator on a given date calculates today’s value of an amount in future. To reflect the time value of money, the future amount is discounted.

This calculator is useful in that it can calculate the value of an investment at some future point if an amount is invested today.

This calculator can be used in computing the total amount that one can save through deposits on monthly basis.

This calculator computes the rate of return required to attain your goal in savings.

This calculator can be used in computing the amount of money you would require to begin with in order to attain a savings goal.

This calculator can be used in computing the deposits required every month to attain a savings objective.

Lease Calculators

This calculator works out the amount one is able to lease

The calculator calculates the residue required for satisfying a given recognized payment amount, payment numbers, lease amount and rate of lease.

The calculator makes a computation of the necessary payment amount required for satisfying a recognized amount of lease, rate of lease, number of payments and residual amount.

This calculator will calculate the rate of lease depending on a known amount of payment, amount of lease, amount of residual and term of lease.

Retirement Calculators

You will get tax deductible contributions and tax deferred earnings in the traditional IRAs. On the other hand, contributions of Roth IRAs are not deductible even though you will get earnings that are tax free.

This calculator can be used in calculating the savings you can make in a tax-deferred Traditional IRA. The IRA traditional contributions are normally tax deductible at present; however you will need to pay taxes when funds are withdrawn at retirement.

This calculator can be used in finding out the length of time one can make consistent withdrawals of a stated amount from one’s savings account.

This rate can be used to establish the rate of return that one would require in making specified withdrawal amounts from the account.

This calculator can establish the amount of money you need to have in your savings account for you to make regular withdrawals of a stated amount.

This calculator can be used in computing how much one can regularly withdraw from the savings account before running out

Personal Financing

This calculator will calculate the most expensive car that you can afford to purchase depending on the affordable monthly payment. Documentation fees and taxes are among the amounts calculated.

This calculator helps one to decide what is better between a home equity loan and the standard automobile for buying a car. You will get low rates of interest in the home equity loans compared to the auto loans and the interest can be tax deductible.

This calculator makes a computation of the length of time it will take in repaying the debt of the credit card.

This calculator will calculate the amount needed for you to save every month for purposes of paying college.

Through this calculator, you will get to know the quantity of money that you require to save every month so that you may reach a desired goal of savings.

This calculator helps one to establish the much money that one can borrow.

This loan calculator will compute the rate of interest on any given amount of loan, amount of payment and payment numbers.
This loan rate calculator will calculate the interest rate on a loan given a loan amount, payment amount, and number of payments.

This loan payoff calculator can be used to establish the number of payments it shall take for the loan to be paid off.

  • Is it advisable to have my loans consolidated?

    This calculator will determine the merits and demerits of consolidating different types of loans as well as credit card debt. Upon clicking the ‘Add’ button, one may enter as many as 10 different types of loans.

    This calculator normally helps one in making an evaluation of the different strategies available to clear off debt. Upon the repayment of one debt, the applied payment amount to that debt will be made available for use against another type of debt. This is called the rollover strategy. For reduction of debt, an additional monthly payment should be added.