Unique Content for Credit Union Websites: Credit Unions Websites Marketing

Unique Content for Credit Union Websites: Credit Unions Websites Marketing
February 18, 2016 yaDD1xSeriA8

The unique benefits of credit union websites are rarely reflected in the content put on. It is a fact that most credit union websites have the same generic and brand hence fail to particularly focus on their audience.

As a matter of fact, it is hard to distinguish one from the other since the content and the design originates from a template of credit union website that requires branch marketers to swap photos and contact info. This is cheap stuff. You wouldn’t want your existing and potential members to describe your credit union as generic, bland and oblivious to your audience’s requirements.

Advantages of Unique Content

Even though user engagement is the leading benefit of unique content, this does not end here.Creating unique content on regular basis has been proven to boost search engine result pages ranking, hence attracting more members through the website. Unfortunately, Google usually dismisses template content as less valuable. In situations where similar content is found in a different site, Google will in fact penalize your site. This means that having unique content in your site positions you higher among competitors who only use duplicate or template content.

A clean design with unique and well written content helps in building trust among users. A poor experience on the other hand implies that your systems of online banking are generic and frustrating.

Ideas on how Unique Content can be created

Your users need to know that your team is up to date to the happenings in the industry and should therefore address proactively the latest developments. For controversial topics, be tactful and avoid alienating potential audience. To set up the scene, source and state the facts and then differentiate yourself by putting employee expertise in boosting brand recognition and authority.

Creating Infographics

For most consumers, financial services may not only be overwhelming but also confusing. A lot of effort is required in custom graphics creation than it is for written material. They are more likely to be read, shared and spread in the entire financial community. Some of the ideas can be:

  • Compare benefits of big banks to those of credit unions
  • Visualize trends in online banking whether mobile or desktop
  • Describe how different financial services work together in order to serve consumers
  • Post member survey result
  • Choose credit unions for small businesses
  • Occasional content

Connecting with the community

The major strength of credit unions is being headquartered in the same community with its members. To establish credibility and reinforce your brand as a local information valuable resource:

  • Write how your credit union or individual branches participate in the community
  • Offer a local take on financial news and national business
  • Create content regarding particular concerns of your community and members

Seasonal Content

Do not forget upcoming seasons and holidays to create content aimed at what potential and existing members will be looking for at these times. As the credit union audience is very broad, it is important to define an audience for your marketing efforts and seasonal content. Some of the Unique content for credit Union websites that is seasonal includes:

  • New mums’ tips for saving at summer
  • Financial options for winter homes
  • Creating spending plans for the holidays
  • A spending guide for back to school students and parents

Creating a blog series, eBook or White paper

If for a while you have been creating original content, you need to have a good feel of what your members respond to. Gathering some blogs and articles regarding a certain topic could be a good idea before grouping them to a white paper or e-book.