How We Improve Search Engine Optimization for Credit Union Website

Our experts are equipped with the knowledge of how your credit union website can rise up in rankings of the search engines. We are here to help you come up with a strategy of updating unique content to your website hence optimize it for increased views.
The following are some of the SEO services that we offer:

  • Increasing targeted traffic
  • High Google rankings
  • Attracting accurate hits and better leads
  • Increasing market share and brand visibility

In order to improve and maintain search rankings, it is very important to have relevant content. Chances of getting shown up in the online search engines can be increased by adding fresh content to your website. A website’s value is enhanced by adding content that is unique and recent. Google and other search engines usually rank high the most compelling and relevant pages in order for consumer searches to yield consistent results.

It is much easier for your site to stay relevant if it has a Customer Management System (CMS) responsible for updating your site just like typing a document in word. Members and potential others will keep coming back due to fresh content. Your credit union will thus be positioned as a dependable source of high quality information.

How to optimize for mobile users

For those clients who want to maximize their site’s Search Engine Optimization and particularly with regard to the increasing mobile audience, responsive web design is most recommended. Google recommends the best way of optimizing for mobile users is through the Responsive Design. It also favors responsive websites in searches done through a mobile device. This is particularly the case when mobile users search locally for services like mortgages or loans. 

Keywords – Quantity vs Quality

Although search engines favor high quality content, your site will not generate a lot of traffic if you fail to include the phrases and words that people are searching actively for. However, the aim of adding keywords to your content is to attract the right type of visitors and not just getting many visitors. Keyword research offers valuable insights for enhancing strategic marketing through identifying what words your visitors are exactly looking for.

Our role is to categorize the keywords for optimizing your site through SEO. We shall include relevant keywords in your page titles, URLs, Meta tags and also image file names in order to improve search results by some of the main search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

There is a thin line between SEO friendly content and overdoing the same when designing web pages. Keyword relevance is very crucial in comparison to keyword density in search engine optimization.

Local Search Engine Optimization for Credit Unions

There are some basic local SEO steps that can help your business appear in search results when potential customers conduct searches in Google. Whether it is your first time, auditing a prevailing marketing campaign or just not satisfied with the present search rankings, we are here to help you set a firm foundation that will quickly raise your rankings and also apply advanced search engine optimization tactics.


By visiting and searching your business name in Google+ Local, you will find out if your credit union is among the listing of the local businesses. Any duplicated listing in your name should be removed. When listing ensure that

  • Google My Business login email is on the domain of the customer
  • The right name, phone number and address is used
  • The page has been verified by checking in the dashboard
  • The page has appropriate industrial category
  • The page has been completed 100 %


Some of the best SEO practices for any site include:

  • Hours’ visibility-The current and potential organic visitors to your website may just be checking to see if you are open. You should never have your hours listed in an image because the search crawlers will not be able to read it. In case your hours are in an image, include your operating hours in the ALT tag.
  • Include the most important pages in primary navigation
  • The blog domain should be the same as the rest of the site
  • The site should be mobile friendly


Citation is merely a mention of your credit union and other supporting information for your site like the website, address and phone number. While the value of citation in Search Engine Optimization is diminishing with Google updates, they still play a significant role in boosting rankings.


For any credit union to be successful, it is crucial to have a continuous flow of positive reviews. The review velocity, diversity and quantity play a major role in factors affecting the overall ranking in Google. To generate more reviews:

  • Give a printed collateral to customers
  • Link from your website to the review profile