How Greenwood credit union has Transformed credit union services to modernized designs


Improving member experience on the internet

Greenwood Credit Union hired credit union web design to transform its website to the modern day streamlined responsive design, strongly focusing on engaging content of financial nature. Credit union web design developed a website that is feature driven which eventually improved member experience on the internet platform.

Traditional advertising greatly differs from interactive content in that the latter draws in people, engaging them at various psychological levels hence enabling them to make choices and pursue their objectives. Greenwood credit unionleveraged credit union web design services and expertise to implement and create content strategies that tapped the real potential of interactive designs through the creation of brand awareness and shared meaning.


Nature of Financial services offered

Greenwood Credit Unionhas over the years offered financial services of high quality to both families and individuals across Kenk County, Warwick, State of Rhode Island and elsewhere. Greenwood Credit Union has depicted a strong commitment to families, commitments and businesses financial communities.

There has been a positive and steady growth over the years and the company has been striving to offer the depositors high rates of interests while at the same time maintaining competitive rates on products’ loans. This delicate balance proved to be a success factor for credit unions both financially as well as from a perspective of member satisfaction. At credit union website design, we have therefore built a good record through Greenwood Credit Union by offering credit unions with advanced solutions designed to particularly bridge the technological gap between members and credit unions.

Features of the Responsive Web site

The RESPONSIVE web site that was developed possessed the following features:

Project Details

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