Improved Financial Services through Enfield Community Federal Credit Union


Customized Financial Services

Enfield Community Federal Credit Union joined hands with Credit Union Website Design to introduce state of the art services in financial matters. Members are offered services and information required in making sound decisions in finance that suit their lives. They have continued to offer personalized services which you cannot find easily in other financial institutions.

Features introduced to improve members Financial Experience

Besides improving the website design and easing the process of locating something easily, the following new features have also been introduced:

The use of financial calculators in making wise financial decisions:

Loan Calculator– The calculator computes the monthly payment of a loan and total paid interest.

Loan payment calculator-The calculator shows you how much interest that one can save upon increasing the monthly loan repayment.

Savings calculator– This determines the savings that can be achieved with time if monthly contributions are made to the savings account.

Share deposit calculator- This calculator makes a computation of the annual percentage rate and future value of the share certificate.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Payment Calculator– The total paid interest and monthly payments are estimated on a fixed rate mortgage loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Payment Calculator-This calculator helps in deciding whether your current mortgage needs to be refinanced at a low rate of interest.

Debt consolidation calculator– This calculator shows you the much that one can save if debt is consolidated.

Credit card Interest Calculator– The calculator shows you how much of the present credit card payment should be applied to the principal balance and the much that is just interest.

Vehicle Affordability Calculator– This helps in computing the value of the car that one can afford.

Coming up with such solutions on the cross-platform site was a big opportunity of continuing to build on this record. We therefore feel proud of our history and the ability of offering various financial services that meet the ever changing needs of our increasing community.

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